Best Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera – 24.1 mexapixel camera

Best Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera – 24.1 mp camera

This is Nikon d7100 dslr camera. One of the new arrivals from Nikon and best expensive camera which is on a huge discount. Unkile many cameras which got average ratings, this one got high ratings and excellent reviews from the customers who actually bought the camera and used it. If you are looking for a very good Camera, and looking to buy for an affordable price with discounts, then this could be the perfect one for you.

Main features of this camera are;

  1. Specially designed 24.1-megapixel DX-format image sensor
  2. Superior low-light performance
  3. Ultra-precise autofocus and metering, advanced video recording features
  4. Built-in HDR
  5. shooting up to 6 fps to instantly sharing your shots with the optional WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter.
  6. 1080p videos with full-time autofocus and built-in stereo mic
  7. Ultra-smooth slow-motion or time-lapse sequences.

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24 mexapixel Best nikon dslr camera - Nikon D7100 digital slr camera with discounts - 2018 camera

Best nikon dslr camera РNikon D7100 digital slr camera with discounts Р2018 camera

2018 Best Nikon dslr d7100 digital SLR camera - 24.1 mp best dslr Nikon cameras

Best Nikon dslr d7100 digital SLR camera – 24.1 mp best dslr Nikon cameras


Customer Review:

1) Ok, there are photographers, and there are equipment collectors. Sadly, a lot of folks think they’re photographers, but in reality, they just like to collect equipment. I’m an amateur photographer and a gadget man to boot. So no, I don’t know as much about photography as a pro, but I do have enough experience with enough equipment to form an objective opinion. I started with Nikon’s D70. Since then I’ve shot the D200, D5100, D5200, and now the D7100. If you’re using your DSLR in full program most of the time as a point and shoot, don’t spend the extra money on this camera.

Get a D3200 or D5200. If you are constantly changing your settings in the middle of shooting, this is the most bang for the buck you’re going to get from Nikon. You see, with the D3XXX line or D5XXX line you have to go into the menu on the back of the camera and hold at arm’s length to change your shooting settings. Not a good thing to have to do in the middle of a photo op. The D7100, and the other upper end Nikon’s have controls on the outside of the camera to let you change settings without ever having to move the camera from your eye.

There are much more expensive Nikon’s out there, especially when you get into full frame, and knowing Nikon they will come out with something “newer” than the D7100 in a year or so. But I think it will be mostly fluff, that Nikon had plateaued with this one. Not sure they can make one that’s really better any time soon. Easy to use, reliable, and takes great shots, and utilizes many of the same features of Nikon’s that cost twice as much, or more. Unless you have to have full frame, this should be the last Nikon you’ll buy for a very long time.


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